Kayaking British Columbia: Paddling Where the Sky and Sea Are One - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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September 02, 2010


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What's Up Tara,
Yeah, again I looked into a trip at the east coast of Moresby island, Haida Gwaii. I still can't get over how beautiful the beaches are and how crystal clear the oceans out there.
Can't wait!

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Everything is sideways with super winds at all odd ours of the day and night instead of calm nights and gradual pick up at 1030 a.m. and then light texture at 200 p.m. and than evening glass.I dont know about the june cold weather until july 8th for the last 5 years either.

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No doubt, California got most of the best natures "hot spots" of entire U.S..come and visit!

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People in the urban areas wouldn't really care much but the effect could only be felt when they're all gone. We shouldn't allow that to happen.

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I can go for a three hour road bike ride, and get maybe 2-3 data points from the tracking, yet it shoudl be more like 18 points (tracking supposedly sends a tracking point message every 10 minutes).

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The water is crystal clear, would love to go there sometime

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Boat Anchors

The scenery must be amazing - guaranteed none of the photo's can possibly do this region justice. This adventure goes in my bucket list!

Tim Lucas

Nice article, came too late to this post... I am a adventure lover and have been to many places of adventure. Will make sure that I visit British Columbia on my next adventure trip. I was into your post very much and imagining the excitement you had...

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Wonderfully written article with a lot of feeling and understanding for the area. I love to kayak myself and this place sounds like it would be quite an adventure!!

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Robert E. Ainsworth

My complete respect and admiration given to the author,plying the face of the ancient travel lanes of the Haida,and more wonderfully the blessing of touching that face so softly and appreciatively.

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Hey I have never done Paddling in my life but I really want to do.I am eager to visit this place where the sky and sea are one.I have just reading this post about Haida.It is new for me.

Canoeing Kayaking

Very envious, looks a great expedition, would have loved to of joined the paddle.


Quite the description. The author really got into the place.


I'd rather appreciate by breathe, my awareness of what is, and where I am...

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