Kayaking British Columbia: Paddling Where the Sky and Sea Are One - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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September 02, 2010


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Even if I have already taken my first ski lessons, I suppose I cannot say that I LOVE this sport! They LOVE it, I can see that in the film, in their courage and their thoughts and above all, their experience.

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Everest, conducted interviews amid stampeding elephants in India, and filed dispatches from the ice of the White Continent to the heart of the Sahara.

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At first, snowboarders looking to hit the open backcountry away from resorts had to purchase the Voile kit and chop a snowboard in half on their own.


I'd love to come here for kayaking one day.
In Halong Bay we do the same,sometimes we camp on the beaches offshore and that's truly amazing.
I like to thank the author Tara Davis for an informative article.

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From the view of an eagle, known as Guud, our expedition team of three kayakers must look like colorful logs bobbing in the ebb. We are paddling in quiet anticipation of the storm as stillness settles over the landscape.

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This is absolutely excellent book, the stories is fascinating and there is wonderful pictures from all around the world. Very recommended.

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This shallow straight is known as the Hecate, Siigaay in Skidegate Haida language, and it is a notorious stretch of the Pacific. It gathers polar storms and generates swells that rock fisherman, sailors, and kayakers alike.

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Together, the group mapped out over 400 places from collective memory, storytelling, and imagination.


They also conclude there were local glaciers, as personified in the metaphysical Ice Woman Kaalga Jaad, who hovered in front of the glacier near Xaana Kaahlii (Skidegate Inlet).

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What an awesome place "the sky and sea are one" i would like to see this

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Woah, what an adventurous place this is. I can't imagine the flow and the harsh of the water while you are kayaking. What's the feeling then, when in there?

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Together, the group mapped out over 400 places from collective memory, storytelling, and imagination.

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The winds can pick up in the blink of an eye and weather changes more quickly than the blade of a paddle turns a boat. I feel weightless, as though I hold a similar fate to driftwood.

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Kayaking is enjoyable especially when you're doing it with family.

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The thin, white seam of the horizon begins to reveal itself through a misting fog, pulsing like an electric current charged by a rippling, grey sea.

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Haida Gwaii is so cool!.. Go girl!

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