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September 23, 2010



Look cook.Thanks for sharing the information.

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Cool. I guess every man wearing this will looks gorgeous. Now thinking this as a gift for my boyfriend...

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This is cool. I've been looking for a high-end woolen coat. It's for my brother. He's going to travel soon and he requested for a hoodie.

Charles Shipley

Cool Hoodie!!

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Nice post! I love the style. You mention that it was made of organic merino wool and lined with stretch-woven polyester, it features a polyurethane laminate that blocks water, so it is useful for rainy season. :) Do you have any color?

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This is cool. I'm just wondering if they have in red or yellow color. Anyway, I'll check them out in there website.


I enjoyed this article.


Yeah cagool man.

Tim Barker

Very nice and cool hoodie. I am also planning to buy this because this is very nice to use during rainy or snow seasons.

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Gregory Berry

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Looking good jacket color also very good. I liked it becouse it is a body fit too.

Anthony James

Is it just me or are the outdoor 'fashion police' getting into the style. When I was younger it was all about keeping warm when out doors. Now it is all about looking good no matter what you feel like. Does any one else agree?

Curtis L. Dawkins

This Hoodie is great to wear especially this Christmas season. It will be a great gift for your love ones.

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