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September 15, 2010



Thanks for sharing the information.
The price seems good.

Arkansas Motorcycle Trips

Great post. Going to look into this for my kids, as the streets here are not well lit.


I love fall! I can do all activities outside.


Of all the seasons, fall is my favorite. I can do pretty much every outdoor activity that I want

Where is Philippines

It is very helpul specially to the cyclist at night. Good sharing. thanks.

Jezreel Ricafort

Being a biker is not a joke hobby specially if you are not willing to invest for the gadgets. Like the one lighting on the bike, it is very helpul specially if a long journey at night. I think this one can charge also in our laptop via USB. Thanks for the post, it is very helpul.

Jemmayel Ledesma

I love biking specially at night. But first time to see a good lighting for the bike, next time i start to look it in the market. thanks for sharing.

Tan Bulut

Awesome bike, useful info...


Wow! such a great light!!! I mean we can have long way biking with this.


Great bike


Really great one. Thanks..

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I used to bike alot. I iwll go someday arround the world


Great info!

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Great post thank for sharing this.Its really help full for long riders

robert murray

Yeah I enjoyed this


I love it.

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thanks.. good news..


What a great light with the dark nights now upon us this light is great for rider safety. I have seen so many cyclists and horse riders with no lights they should take a serious look at this light as it could save their life.

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We can travel in and out freedomly now.
Great article and thanks for the inventor.

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This is ideal for fog, can be used during fog in London

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