Best American Adventures: Bodysurf the Wedge - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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September 24, 2010


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Hope this dude is wearing his saint christopher necklace ! Haha !

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Extreme indeed but we all know that extreme games goes two way, it's either you succeed or get hurt.


Water surfing is so dangerous. You have to be good on balancing.


Haha looks fun! don't lose your suit!

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Advice to the ladies...wear a double suit. Also hand fin gloves (webz) are also a plus...fins are a must. Rock on and Respect the Wave. - Cheers, Christina McIntyre

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There are lessons available, and new entrants must be denied, and demonstrate their skills and the gauntlet of beach lifeguards. Practice a bit close to the beaches and in the days surfing.

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This looks way too extreme for me!

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The locals say that if someone has to explain how the Wedge bodysurfing, you should not be there. Therefore, there are no courses available and newcomers should make the fins and demonstrate their skills with the glove of lifeguards at the beach.

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