Best American Adventures: Backpack the Hayduke Trail - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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September 14, 2010


Liam @ Guided Holidays

Thanks, another awesome trek to add to the list. Not sure I'll have 3 months to do the whole thing though :)

new balance

When we meet wind; we can adjust the heading circuitous road, However, when the sea, and we want to surfy parked in situ, then broke down. Beware, the young pilot, don't let your rope loose, don't let your anchor moved, don't you have found, the boat was adrift.Do you think so?

air jordans

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Mike Coronella

a needed correction:
The Hayduke Trail is the brainchild of both Mike Coronella and Joe Mitchell.
Despiste his claims, Joe is not the sole creator.


nice post
i like it
and i love trek
thanks for a searing

Julie @ LifeSpace

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Alpha male

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