Alaska-Yukon Expedition: Three Ways the Expedition Changed Me - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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September 28, 2010



I am so proud of you.Very brave and pro.

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what you have seen and experienced is truly amazing,
but it is your humility about these achievements that is even
more amazing! I hope that never changes.
So proud of you kid!

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Really comes off as a great trip, but ideally it would be nice to see the inclusion of some of the towns in the region, particularly Dawson City.

There's a very distinct flavour to the culture in these parts that merits focus - such as the "toe shooters."


Kudos Andrew,
Fantastic Trip. Follow your heart!

Bill Smith

very interesting stuff, look forward to hearing more about the trip in the upcoming NG article.

Were you aware of Buck Nelson's trek across Alaska in the Brooks Range a few years ago from the Yukon to the Chukchi Sea?? It seems that some of your approaches are similar, going lightweight, alone...


Andrew, you really need to write a book! It will help with that "net worth" also. I promise my Brother and I will buy a copy each. There you go, man! Two sales already!

Will Watson

Impressive by ANY standard. Thanks for visiting us in Alaska, hope you come back and tell us about your adventure.


Great accomplishment Andy! Heartfelt congrats.

Thomas Laussermair

Congrats Andrew, an amazing accomplishment. The Wrangell-St.Elias and Kluane NP is a remote wilderness which I had the pleasure to immerse myself in as well for a few weeks in summer 2009 during my Panamerican Peaks cycling + climbing adventure. However, your going 650 miles alone between roads is far more impressive. I would be quite frightened as well. Looking forward to the article in 2011.
Cheers, Thomas.

Rf Skurka

Andy, The expression, "proud of you" seems to hardly espress my feelings about you and your accomplishment. I grew up reading National Graphic. My Dad, your Grandfather gave us the opportunity to explore the world every month from our warm and comfortable home. The stories and adventures of the world's great explorers were sent to us every month between those yellow covers.
Here you are, my little nephew, soon to be on the pages, archived in perpetuity with the history of world exploration NG style. As I said "proud of you" hardly seems adequate. Uncle Ed


WOOHOO Tripod Flats Cabin. I did a project for some park panels to go up at that thing. It is in the middle of nowhere.
You're probably one of very few people to use it outside of the Iditarod.

Beautiful pics. Nice story. Thanks!

Phil B

A great article, Andrew. It truly is time for you to give serious consideration to getting published. The only question would be whether to cover all of your adventures in one, or to do one each on C2C, GWL and AYE.

Nick wimpy


Rita wilkins

Andy, what you have seen and experienced is truly amazing,
but it is your humility about these achievements that is even
more amazing! I hope that never changes.
So proud of you kid!
Auntie Rita

Luke Hopkin

Great job Andrew, true inspiration


You should write a book. I'm curious if it would be hard to readjust to society after all that. Do you despise suburbia?


Those are very thoughtful and articulate observations. A very welcome relief from the "yeehaw look at me" standard fare.

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