Hurricane Season Surfing Report: How to Chase Swells - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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August 31, 2010


Travel Stars

I love watching people surf, i would love to try it but im not a good enought swimmer.

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It was amazing, playing with the waves like a profesional surfer. I salute to you guys.

Healthy Options

One of the best adventure to try, but it is too dangerous. Thanks for sharing.

Learn to Fly

Cant stop my self from praising that pic there, nice capture!

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Hurricane can really put the life of surfers at risk.

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Keep it up the good work. Hurricane can be very dangerous when surfing.

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Nice post, thanks for sharing because I learn some good stuff about hurricane.

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I remember watching a documentary about Hurricane Andrew, it did cause a lot of catastrophe.

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Nice post, thanks for sharing because I learn some good stuff about hurricane.

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Sue Ingram

You mention being in a 'sticky haze of sunblock-tinged frustration' while waiting for your hurricanes to arrive. I imagined all the adventure surfers to be the kind that avoid using things such as sunblock? An incorrect assumption it seems. The devil-may-care attitude of adventure junkies I kind of connected with not caring for or worrying about things like sunburn and skin cancer! So now that I need to eat humble pie, perhaps aI can be further enlightened as to how many adventurers would choose to use non-toxic versions of sunblock? ie. no chemicals with dubious health qualities and rather opting for the natural and organic sunscreen versions?

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