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August 26, 2010


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The brand tells it all.Thank you for sharing.

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Nice bag!.. I like it but I can't use it.


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Super cute! My little man would look so stylin' in those!

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This is exactly what I need when I travel the world, oh yeh... and money too lol

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It looks great for me! I love this bag. I think that it will be really useful in extreme weather conditions like camping and hiking.

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I really like that backpack.

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Wow! That's an awesome find out there. I'm so happy that every one is conscious about our environment.

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This bag looks great.

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Yeah I enjoyed this.

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Great article.


Everglades National Park

Nice kit to haul around on an adventure. Abrasion is an issue I guess. But would be quite ok for light hiking.

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