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August 16, 2010



Masschusetts !!!!
I've been wondering myself where you came from?We will always support you.

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You are absolutely right. In it something is and it is excellent idea. I support you.

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I do not have time to read it all at the right now but I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds.

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I grew up in a Masschusetts suburb where I found "wilderness" in abandoned gravel pits and marshy wetlands that had escaped development. Later trips to New Hampshire’s Presidential Range and Maine’s Mahoosuc Mountains made my childhood playgrounds seem tame, and through high school they set my standards for what constituted wilderness. But the goal posts continued to move in synch with the magnitude of my adventuring: North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, Colorado's Indian Peaks, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and the Colorado Plateau all seemed as wild as it could get, until I found something that was wilder.

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Andy's new wilderness exposed the true alien nature of the solo explorer who is prepared only to travel through and not to remain. This is generally true of wilderness, but rarely are the polarities so sharply defined. Survival IS movement. It simply isn't in our genetic makeup to process such an imperative without group support and action. We are herd animals, and escape that fate at our own peril, and successfully but for a short duration, glorious (and scary!) though it may be, if we're fortunate.


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Kent O. Roberts

I've been following your trips since C2C. Although a stretch, I could at least envision myself making similar treks. This one - not so much! I pray for good days over the rest of your journey. (And being a parent, I pray for your mom & dad, too!)

Go,Andy,you da man!


Great description of those 24 days.


I admire people like you who is always on the go and who loves adventure. Nature encounter is one of the greatest accomplishment any individual can make if he is close to it. I like this line of yours "making it to tomorrow by surviving the challenges of today". Keep posting more of your adventures.


"Making it to tomorrow by surviving the challenges of today"
Great, you experience the wilderness plus loneliness, this is a dangerous combo but in the meantime you must feel so free...

Thx you again and again to share with us!

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Sounds like an incredible place to visit. I would love to get lost in nature like you describe. Sounds amazing!

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