Alaska-Yukon Expedition: Approaching the Unavoidable, Bittersweet Finish - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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August 30, 2010



Where there is a will there is a way.
You've made it.We are so proud of you.

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Great job, for achieving this.

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Great adventure, no matter what that challenge was you did not let it scare you away.

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Incredible adventure, despite of the challenge that you faced.

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Incredible adventure, despite of the challenge that you faced.

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Congratulations!!! I saw on Twitter that you finished a couple of hours ago...what a journey. Thanks for taking the time to share it with the rest of us. Have a safe trip home.


What fun its been following you this summer on a daily basis! I don't what is more impressive... the scale of the trip, the pre-trip organization, or the daily remote tweets to keep your followers posted. I can't wait for the next 'project'.

Bobby Schnell

Hey man,

Great job, Harp and I will be in Kotz on Saturday the 11th to go moose hunting, was hoping to get a chance to see you, sounds like you might finish early....if you are still in town be good to see you.


Roman Dial

The only way to beat the feeling is to push that trip into freeze-up, when you'll finally have enough. Hopefully you don't come back unfulfilled.


I and other fans from Troop 77 will miss your posts, Andrew; but we will be happy to have you back in the relative safety of civilization. We look forward to seeing the many photos that I am sure you have collected.


There is no end to your journey, man! Don't get bummed. It just morphs into another mode. There are other wildernesses to explore. The universe is yours.


Way to get 'er, Andy. What's next? Perhaps consider winning the Arrowhead 135 this winter.


Way to go Skurka!!!! I know your trip's end will be bitter sweet, but I don't think it will be long until you are back out there on another adventure. Thanks for sharing this experience with those of us that have followed. Your trip has been an inspiration that gets me jacked about throwing on my own pack over Labor day weekend. Can't wait to find out what you learned from your experience. Finish strong!!!

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Felix Cooke

The Great Kobuk Sand Dunes are just a couple miles off the river... great place to milk the trip another day or two!


Many thanks to you for confirming such remote wilderness still exists and taking us with you on your journey. Even though I may not get there, knowing it is there sets things right in my world.


Many of us will miss following your updates now that your expedition is coming to an end! Here's hoping that you'll write more fully about what you've seen and experienced!


Incredible ... the toughest hike I've ever heard of and you want to keep going!

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