Sebastian Junger on Making Restrepo, Your 90-Minute Deployment in Afghanistan's Deadliest Valley - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 02, 2010


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God, it's scary and very dangerous.

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Staying in a deadliest place in Afghanistan is so dangerous. Can you consider it an adventure?

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Now we have a great walkway that goes to the beach and to the canals that came from the partnership of community with government

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Sebastian Junger n Tim Hetherington are two brave man. I think when you risk your life for a documentary, you must be a candidate for Oscar.

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I wasn’t writing about Afghanistan. I wanted to explain to readers the emotional experience of war. So I chose that word because I thought it was the most free of specific associations with this particular war, with the war on terror, with Afghanistan. My focus was on the universal soldier experience. As a result, I have had Vietnam vets come up to me and say, “Thank you for telling our story.”

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I understood there was going to be a documentary about this on the National Geographic Channel.

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I understood there was going to be a documentary about this on the National Geographic Channel. (think it was last week) Does anyone know if it will be rebroadcast and what was the exact title so I can search for it?

Michael Ruiz

This is more than the regular journalism that we grew accustomed to. I'm looking forward to see works of Sebastian Junger.

One can only "truly" tell the story if he has experienced it first hand.

Jenny Godwin

Junger's reference to "apostate" Muslim countries as objects of Al Queada attacks along with Europe and US leads to the idea of a broader coalition of support against them. How can this community of interest be fostered? Surely not by what is being done now. Also, perhaps Junger is the Pope of Islam.Thanks for the question about rolling stone and about Junger's experience alone in Liberia.


good job for Sebastian Junger, keep reporting!!

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