Cobra Boxing in Thailand? Worse Wipeouts? Nat Geo AMAZING Shares the World's Bizarre-But-True Tales - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 15, 2010


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You details the world's 100 most fascinating people, places, and things in its pages. So, now that you know about flying cars and city-dwelling penguins,

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I own a boxing gym in Rhode Island and this would be an interesting way to challenge my students. Anybody know where you can order some cobras?!

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You may want to consider wearing a helmet, or even avoiding bikes all together after seeing riders tumble through the air. Bridge jumping, sword swallowing, and extreme kayaking are also on the list.

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Being in these remote locations was like camping out—but with giant creatures and a film crew. Most movies like this are shot in a sound stage to avoid the challenges of a real location.


So, now that you know about flying cars and city-dwelling penguins, breaking the awkward silence over a couple hot dogs may be a little easier.

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Cobra is also smart that's why they survived. I guess it's just a matter or brains for human and cobra who will win.


That photo reminds me of a 4 year old girl who was bitten by a cobra and got killed.


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I own a boxing gym in Rhode Island and this would be an interesting way to challenge my students. Anybody know where you can order some cobras?!

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Amazing video! These people are professionals and are used to the King Cobras inhabiting their village. I can imagine how painful the injuries must be for these so-called "boxers". Having visited Thailand and saw how everything is designed to attract tourists there, I wonder if this isn't one of those things created to fleece the unwary visitors. Still, one has to admit, sparring with the Cobras is way better than these villagers killing these creatures.

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Janek Mõttus

It seems like the cobra isn't actually trying to end the attack, but just threaten the human opponent 'cause you can see from all the attack the snake makes - it just goes for a rather small distance and retreats. I think if it would want then crabbing some of those boxers by their balls wouldn't be much of a problem.

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What a crazy video... I'll be passing this along in the morning!


there is no way this is true! i would never box a venomous snake!

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