Kamchatka Whitewater Expedition: Source-to-Sea Kayaking in Wildest Russia (Photos) - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 14, 2010



As with all maps, inaccuracies may exist and conditions may change. User assumes all risk associated with the use of this map.


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For the better part of 24 hours we all fought personal demons and sea-sickness, finally emerging in the run down port that our captain ..

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A slogan loosely used to explain helicopters that would be on continuous standby, 45-minute waits turning into daylong sagas and endless battles with a crumbling post-Soviet infrastructure in one of the wildest places on Earth.



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Oh what a nice place perfect for adventure!

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My gosh, wild indeed. It would take me long to jump on that falls honestly. It's scary.


Oh my God!.. What a spectacular place. Does it really exist?

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Did you really go down that waterfall in a kayak??


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I hope all you readers don't mind me sharing my own experience of travelling rivers from source to sea from my recent crossing of Iceland with you here:


I know, because I`m a captain


It was up to 54 Knots wind

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Great picture of the waterfall and the kayak.

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Kamchatka is one of the last "unknown" spaces for adventures to go too. Really would love to see the next pic of the kayak going down the water fall.

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Thanks for sharing so much beautiful photos

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