Interview: All-Star Paddleboarder Jamie Mitchell Reveals Training, Tactics, Survial Tips - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 29, 2010


Travel Stars

I love water adventures i would definitely try paddleboarding.

Where is Singapore

Jamie Mitchell is one of the best.


That is very kind of you to write this share for us, thanks a lot.

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Isnt Jamie sponsored by havaianas flip flops ?

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Cool sport to be sure. Getting on the wrong side of a wave will sure make you appreciate the power of the oceans.

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There all these different currents, cut the wind, the sun is really hot, and when you get close to the collapse of Molokai in order to start bouncing off the rocks and an undertow you get hurt that pushes.

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I enjoy paddle boarding and Hawaii but this race is too much for my ability. Praise for those who can compete. Awesome.


That looks like something that I really need to try.

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That looks like so much fun.

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Truly adventures, for me it is something like gamble of life. Thanks for inform us about those tricky ideas.

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I really like Paddleboarding sport. The game is depend on balancing of yourself. Paddleboarding is an exciting and thrilling.

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It is an excitement to joining a Paddleboarder training. I like to learn Paddleboarder. I am happy with your training.

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Here above you explained about courtesy of Bernie Baker.You gave information like how to reach at courtesy of Bernie Baker,how many k.m distance of it and so on.Your photo capture is nice and photo blue sea is looking good.

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The picture is really very nice. It is extra ordinary. I like to attempt this kind of adventure in this picture. I like to see blue sea in the picture. The content is so well. I like to read your article. Thanks for sharing such a nice thing.

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Paddleboarding is an exciting and thrilling. The game is entirely dependent on the technique and the tactics which you use. A great sport to learn and play.

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That goes for me to wrap this week. As many students can be a little disappointed to have to hit the books success against the waves are going to finish our first Surf thought of the week:

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The best part about this sport which I like as an individual is the thrill and excitement involved in the sport. I have tried paddleboarding but have not achieved much success in it.

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The Molokai is filled with alternating currents, tidal effects, high winds and heavy swells of the sea that can reach 30 feet. He Hallandsås cost and fishermen for centuries, also for the user legendary Hawaiian big wave and Waterman.

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The unpredictability of it. There are all these different currents, wind chop, the sun is very hot, and when closer to the Molokai starts bouncing the waves crashing on the rocks and get a bad undertow that pushes you.

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It involves lying or kneeling on what looks like a very long surfboard, and paddling what are often long stretches of open ocean.

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