Gear Review: Finally, A Camera Bag That Doesn't Say "Rob Me" - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 28, 2010



I enjoyed this article.

Rehoboth Beach Delaware

That gear is looking awesomely fantastic.

Thanks for sharing.

Kin Paterson

I like this! This will be very useful to me since I travel a lot and I always bring my camera along. Can this be purchased online?


I like that bag it's really nice.
Thanks for the post it's great!

rencontre France

Nice bag, good for adventure, maybe agree by Bear Grylls ? ^^

I know what present i can do for one of my photograph friend ;)

Thank's again for this product. And happy new 2011 year ;)

bag manufacturers

Great blog ! Your article is admirable and i will look again...........................................

bag manufacturers

Thanks a lot for the post.It's certainly a good deal.Have a nice time.

kevin guys

it is very good post

no no hair removal

I'm a traveller and I need one for next trip. Nice review!

Hair Loss

This camera bag is one of the most interesting and unique camera bags ever introduced.

Terry Brennan

That set is awesome! I’ve always wanted to have that kind of camera, also with that kind of bag. It so handy and is really great for traveling. Camera is indeed necessary and never be forgotten during adventures!

Bob N.

WOW, really cool. I am a photographer and am always aware of where I'm at when I'm shooting. Having a case that doesn't look like a camera case sounds like a great idea. Wonder if it comes in various sizes? I have several lenses that I must use so the case has to be large enough for that plus the flash equipment


This is a nice camera bag and it is excellent beg because it is a small bag. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

Jack R. Conaway

Excellent idea now I can travel without fear of assault me. Very cute camera bag. Thanks


Photography is my passion. I like to click Nature Photography & Animal. I have canon 5D its a great camera, i like that bag, hmm thinking to buy ;)

Dirk D. Lujan

Excellent idea now I can travel without fear of assault me. Very cute camera bag. Thanks


Really nice post

stop panic attacks 1...

evry1 can travel free...!!

Refrigerator Shop

Wow! Love it!! Great idea. I love everything that you wrote. :)

Account Deleted

great idea! I like it!


Where I live a bag that big screams "Rob Me". They know that I am carrying and item or items of value.

Marcos Campos

Excellent idea now I can travel without fear of assault me. Thanks


It is always best to make your belongings look cheap or non-existant to a would-be thief, as this pack does.

Luggage Ssets

This is really very nice bag. Looks small in size and easy to carry. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

Car hire Malaga Airport

That's a good idea, also you need to dress up like a homeless, that way nobody will want to rob you :)

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