Gear Review: Finally, A Camera Bag That Doesn't Say "Rob Me" - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 28, 2010



Very good camera bag.Thank you.

Hermes Birkin

Really liked your article, very exciting, and gives a lot of thinking, I hope you can see more of your article, thank you

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Funny title. But I wonder if this bag provides enough protection from banging?

Where is Singapore

When i travel camera complete with protective bag is my best friend. It is nice stuff.

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It is perfect stuff for travel.


interesting post.

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I really like this bag.It's very cool.

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Yeah, it does look old and not so attention seeker. Nice bag.


LOL- Good idea!.. I like it.

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Yes this is a great camera bag i like it.


stuffs like this make people broken

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I like this! This will be very useful to me since I travel a lot and I always bring my camera along. Can this be purchased online?

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I'm planning to buy a DSLR, though it's too expensive...I'm on my way. After saving money for two months, I can now afford to have my very own dream DSLR. Just Sharing.

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Having a case that doesn't look like a camera case sounds like a great idea. Wonder if it comes in various sizes? I have several lenses that I must use so the case has to be large enough for that plus the flash equipment

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Nice post, but why I cannot see my comment...


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Sami M.

love this!

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Nice review ! I like your article and i will definitely look again..........................................

Diane Green (make a web)

I would love to have this one! it's nice because at least you feel safe when you have your cam with you.


I love it.

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