Alaska-Yukon Expedition: The Finish Line is in Sight--Just 1,700 Miles to Go... - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 08, 2010


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I definitely feel as if I'm entering my last leg. Sure, I still have two months and 1,700 miles to go, but that seems relatively small compared to the 3,000 miles I've covered and the 3.5 months I've already spent out here.

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Alaska ! I love you very much! Hope to see you oneday!

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Amazing Alaska!

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1,700 miles to go, but that seems relatively small compared to the 3,000 miles I've covered and the 3.5 months I've already spent out here.

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Lin's team will then report back with their findings. This crowd-sourcing technique has been used before—perhaps most notably in the search for Steve Fossett's lost airplane.

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I pushed through the Wrangell's early-season, and I paddled; safely across the treacherous bay crossings of the Lost Coast.

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Moreover, the final 1,700 miles are the most geographically coherent of any other 1,700 mile stretch on my route.

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There's a point in every trip when I start to sense the finish. On trips of less than a month, I usually sense it from the start--I know about how long the trip will take and I often have concrete plans post-trip. B

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As with all maps, inaccuracies may exist and conditions may change. User assumes all risk associated with the use of this map.


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started to sense the end when I paddled my packraft into Skagway, Alaska--it marked the end of the dicey Lost Coast and the start of my time in the Yukon.

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