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July 03, 2010


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Probably the most challenging section is the 30-mile Lake Laberge, below Whitehorse, because it's a long flatwater paddle and it's very susceptible to wind-caused waves.

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Floating the Yukon was a complete break from my standard backpacking-centric travel style.

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I've found that there's a level of knowledge or maybe spirituality in indigenous people that I hadn't noticed when I was younger.

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As Wayne Dyer said, “Your children will see what you’re all about by what you live rather than what you say.”


Mr. Andrew Skurka is the man of adventure.


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I just stumbled across it today and have read through all the entries. I have followed a couple of your adventures and will be following the last half of this one.

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I have already tried floating through the water of the river and it just truly felt good. I would never forget how fun it was, calmly going through the flow of the water.

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Mr. Skurka amazes me. As a youth I dreamed of trekking all over the world but never made those dreams a reality. It is inspiring to read about someone who does this as a way of life.

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I would love to do that trip one day. It would be great to float along the river and forget about the city life I lead. I have added it to my list of things to do.


Godspeed on your final leg through the northern wilderness! Please twitter more often!


Wow, I forgot about this trip and now you are already have way done. I just stumbled across it today and have read through all the entries. I have followed a couple of your adventures and will be following the last half of this one. I hope you enjoy the rest of it, take lots of pictures to post, have great weather and travel safely. Take care.

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