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July 19, 2010


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As what the famous quote thought us, Prevention is better than cure. Therefore we must take into consideration the possibilities of insect bites as we go on a hiking trip. We must carry along with us the an insect repellent.

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All the points given in this article is such a great help when camping. But as for me. The Point #5 in indeed the most important point.

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I think your state of mind is very important, I have some friends that are weak in that, when it comes to harsh terrains they tend to not push on without someone motivating them. To me if you are to survive in the wild, you got to have a strong state of mind.

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I live in buggy SE AK and I've been having good luck this year using Lemon Eucalyptus Oil. I tried it after reading that the World Health Organization only endorses two bug repellants, LEO and DEET. If you don't mind smelling like lemon furniture polish, I'd recommend you try it. It also seems to last for one or two washings (your clothing, not your skin).


Some notes on #2:
If you ever hike in Lapland:
On high routes and passes the bugs can be worse than in lower warmer regions.

On #4:
I used a pertex quantum bivy which they didn't like at all, they never bid through the bivy and always crawled around on the noseeum, not the quantum.
Otherwise full ack on this point.

My personal #3:
Make sleeves for your titanium tent stakes in your headnet, so that low winds don't blow it on your skin.


The mosquitoes don't bother me much, but they sure bother my children. And once they get bitten, they can't keep from scratching. I'm reluctant to use too many chemicals (like DEET), does anyone have any suggestions for a "natural" bug repellent?

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Good advice but where's tip #3?

How to cruise up the Bosphorus from Istanbul, Turkey, to the Black Sea. Private yacht rentals, boat trips are also available.

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Who cares about bears? I've been wondering how the skeeters have been; thanks for posting this.

Glad you've adapted. I guess that's what happens. Like you say, us Coloradoans have a low tolerance.

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