Alaska-Yukon Expedition: 5 Tips For Hiking With Vicious Swarms of Mosquitos - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 19, 2010


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Mosquitoes tend to be most active in the morning and evening, so especially avoid bug-prone areas then.

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There were nights I stayed moving until 2 a.m., just so I didn’t have to stop and make camp. And I took many impractical routes (i.e. not the path of least resistance) just to minimize them.

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In this week's Newsweek, Robin Givhan looks at how the designer's legacy is seen in historical context.

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I find comfort in knowing that bad bugs are just a temporary feature out here–cooler temperatures and bug-free days are only a month or two away.

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The winds can pick up in the blink of an eye and weather changes more quickly than the blade of a paddle turns a boat. I feel weightless, as though I hold a similar fate to driftwood.


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Great article. Mosquitos are real disaster when you are on camping. Thank you for advice :)

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These tips are really helpful. As being a mosquito researcher all my life, I can agree more with your last tip...

Still, few more tips can make your life even better during camping, for example using light-colored clothes that rejects mosquitoes and the best one is using a mobile fan to blow air at you inside your tent (or better in your mosquito net) while sleeping/resting.

I also recommend using natural repellents instead of the DEET chemicals which are very common and effective today, especially the ones with Catnip oil or Lemon Eucaliptus oil.

For more tips how to get rid of mosquito bites, please visit my mosquito website:

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Great article. Mosquitos are real disaster when you are on camping. Thank you for advice :)

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NEW YORK - A year after the designer's suicide shook the fashion industry, the Met gives McQueen the honor of shaping history before the memories get fuzzy. In this week's Newsweek, Robin Givhan looks at how the designer's legacy is seen in historical context.

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