Mountaineer Edurne Pasaban: Co-Queen of the 8,000-Meter Peaks? - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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June 23, 2010



We are so proud of you.

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I traced down at her home in the speaking language Pyrenees to about her effective pursuit to go up the highest hills on world, her ideas on the disputes, and discovering independence in the hills.


Dear Edurne,
Great Job! We all Kailash family are proud of you! Thanks for your support to Kailash.

Passang and HCF Family


As a woman I'm very proud of those women mountaineer.

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Alex Garcia-Alonso

Dear Tim,
Kit is a great woman and has overcome incredible quests, but not the one you are asserting.
Best regards

Tim Danielson

Kit Deslauries was the first woman to climb all 8,000 meter peaks and ski down them also.

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