Alaska-Yukon Expedition: The Halfway Point: Should I Care? - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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June 21, 2010


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Simply inspiring!!!

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Back on foot. In the wilderness. Alone.

Sounds good to me.

Best of luck on this last half!


I love traveling so much! My dream is to travel the world and visit my favorite countries.

Slush Machine

I love traveling so much! My dream is to travel the world and visit my favorite countries.

Lorana Jinkerson


Great to see you made it to the half-way point. Been checking about once a week and have felt for you a few times as I read your blog. Best of luck as you continue on this amazing trek.


Account Deleted

Good luck for 2nd hal journey, dan stay safe for us tell us more. and always waiting for more interesting story for the next days, thanks very-very much.


Rent the Canoe!
(assuming it IS moving water capable)

Frustrations go to zero.
Speed goes up.
Time goes down.
Pleasure goes to max.
Smiles all around.

No question in my mind.
Do it!


Have followed this trek everyday since day 1, just wanted to know if u are safe & sane. Looks that way, am envious. Do the same on 2nd half Andy... (the most organized hiker I've ever come across) :)
Good travels ahead!

Globe Nomads

Your adventures have been truly inspirational and they are all about pushing the limits. Good luck and stay safe for the rest of the expedition.


Good luck on the 2nd half of the journey! Think how lucky you are to be able to attempt such an awesome wilderness experience. It's beyond the realm of most people to even think about anything close to this experience! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! You're the man, keep it up. This must be incredibly challenging mentally considering what you've faced and the unknown to come. Cherish it. Stay Safe.

Marc d

Awesome running into you yesterday! I didn't expect it to happen in Haines, AK but I guess things like that happen in the last place expected. Hope the second half continues smoothly.

Aion kinah

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We've never spoken or met, but I have followed your adventures the past few years. It's really great to see people going beyond the "norm" and pushing pre-concieved ideas of a wilderness experience to new levels. Your travels have helped me realize my own potential. Thanks Andy, Thanks National Geographic.


I have really enjoyed following your journey so far. The National Geographic updates, your Twitter updates, and your website have been inspirational. Wishing you the best in the second half of your journey.

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