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June 18, 2010


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Haines, have been to Haines, or have a friend who can chime in, post your comments below. Let's make sure Andrew knows we're rooting for 2,350 more successful miles.

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Monitoring is conducted through the use of a number of non-invasive, high-tech devices worn by participants throughout the trek, including:

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While chatting with Andrew on the phone yesterday, he said that trek was like a walk in the park compared to his current endeavor. Luckily it's all the highs and lows have been documented.

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Most damage isn't done by the anchor itself, but by the anchor chain as it sweeps back and forth due to changes in current and wind direction acting on the boat.

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Haines, have been to Haines, or have a friend who can chime in, post your comments below. Let's make sure Andrew knows we're rooting for 2,350 more successful miles.

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I Google Haines’ best restaurant and came up with 3 top favorite place that Andrew can get a bite before he picks up his used skis and continue with his expedition. First off is the Fireweed Restaurant located at Blacksmith Rd Historic Bldg, known for their great pizza, calzone and salad. Second is the Bamboo room and pioneer bar at Second Avenue known for their great sandwiches like Charbroiled Halibut sandwich. Last, is the The Commander's Room at Hotel Hasingland located at Ft. Seward best known for its fine dining cuisine that will certainly drive you with ecstasy. I hope this helps.

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Andrew, Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this. Seems you guys enjoy the adventure huh! looking forward for the next adventure you have. thanks again.


Congrats! You are my Hero!!
The physical stuff is amazing. But the mental toughness is incomprehensible. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Burger, fries, ketchup, shake, pie.
Repeat till satiated.

And now the remoteness really begins. Good routes and good weather. Best of luck.


Andrew, thanks for letting us live vicariously. I would suggest a pedicure on any remaining toenails you might have;) Seriously though, I would find the largest pizza or burger & fries in town and wash it down with a cold beer. Then I would start a petition to Ben & Jerry's to develop a special Andrew Skurka Thru-Hiker Flavor in honor of the massive quantities of their product you have consumed.Keep living the dream.


Hey Andrew, congratulations on your amazing progress. Been following your journeys for a few years now and i have to say you are an amazing adventurer , one of the top of all time! Try to enjoy your time as much as possible while making memories for a lifetime..

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