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May 29, 2010



I like the way you wrote mate.

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Incredible stuff Korena - I've run Boston, and it's hard to imagine doing it as a training run!


It's a good idea to jog from the airport to the hotel. Less fare expenses plus a warm up. Ha ha ha

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We’re allowed to talk about the 2010 World Cup until 2014. The last Cup in Africa was totally amazing and Brazil must do better than what Africa did...and to go beyond the worlds expectations.

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awesome piece Korena. looking forward to reading your observations from race day!


Great blog! Very descriptive. Congrats to everyone who finished...sounds truly grueling!

Hannah Landecker

Awesome write up Korena! I love watching you take in all this craziness and put it in to words. Thanks for being a part of this experience, capturing special and memorable moments.


I'm so proud of you Korena, I will follow your blog! Have fun!

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