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May 17, 2010


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Like you, I guess, I am out there as a guest and follow the rules.

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the same as voting for Ross Perot was a waste many years ago. To get people to your side, you should at least show that you have a firm grip of reality. Plan for the 2012 election!!!

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There may be a supportive crust in the morning, but not after 11 a.m., leading to a postholing-filled afternoon.

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I would suffer but ultimately be rewarded; by waiting for the bush plane

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Nice pic! Good light! It's very inspiring for me.

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When I stepped into my bindings and skied away into the forest, I was basically telling Mother Nature, "Okay, it's on. Bring it."

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Ah, but the adventurer's curse is that bailing out never sounds like, "life would be easier." But not really a curse. That drive is what brings us to look past discomfort, fear, uncertainty, and pain to find... whatever it is that keeps adventurers heading back into the forest.

Glad you're keeping us updated. Hope to run into you in the Brooks Range in August.

T.J. Hart

Great post. Love the description of nature. Playful, one-upmanship or a street fight. Like you, I guess, I am out there as a guest and follow the rules.

Thanks for sharing. :-D

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