Alaska-Yukon Expedition: Andrew Answers Your Questions on Avalanches, GPS, Socks, Motivation - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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May 12, 2010


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great one Andrew! I salute you for being dedicated on things that you do. what you are doing is not simple but despite that, you really find time answering questions and even enjoyed it.


With all of those trials like snowstorms, I salute you Andrew!

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I do not carry a GPS and only know vaguely how to use them. I'm pretty proficient with just a map, and if you give me a compass, too...

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oh,thank you very much.


Do you have any concerns about animal attacks? Do you carry any type of animal repellent? Have you ever had an issue with with an animal on this or previous hikes?

T.J. Hart

Interested in your discussion with Roman. Everything I have read about you leads me to believe that you are a half full glass kind of guy. Always up when most people are down. With the technology that your are carrying today, does it make it easier to opt out of an adventure, or is it a great way to connect to get the support you need to move forward?

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I know it encourages me to get out and expand the envelope for me a little more. Keep trekking! :-D


Andy, I have been following your journeys for a couple of years now, and first and foremost I want to say thank you, for being so inspiring. I was wondering whether you are going to publish books about your adventures? Either practical guides on how to do it ultra lightweight, but also of just the things that happened to you while you were out on specific terrain. Thanks

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