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May 06, 2010


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t's wonderful series. North America's wildest rivers, and hiked the Alaska and Brooks Ranges.


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It's wonderful series. North America's wildest rivers, and hiked the Alaska and Brooks Ranges.

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Since we don't get the same GWL-type experience of hearing your adventures on regular podcast (a highlight of 2007 for me), perhaps you can share a bit of what your daily routine is like...

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Andrew - I must confess that I am a little envious of your adventure. What an amazing opportunity to see such beautiful country. I would love to further read about your travels and was curious to know if there's an approximate timeline for an article to be published in NG magazine? Also, my Dad, who resides in Slana, AK had the opportunity to meet you a couple of weeks ago when he dropped you and a fellow NG colleague off on Nabesna Road in Wrangell-St Elias. Best of wishes on your journey. This is sure to be an adventure you'll long remember! Take Care and stay safe.

Howard E. Friedman

Andrew: I have also been enjoying checking your progress and reading your posts. I was interested, as well, in your foot care regimen. Are you taking rest days. Changing socks during the day? Many more questions, but I will continue to read along. I am looking forward to a posting of some of your photographs, as well.
Howard Friedman

Joe in Calgary

Have really enjoyed following your daily progress on Twitter no matter where I am with my mobile...especially when conditions are less than prime (for you). The scale of this expedition is hard to get one's head around. Equally, is the detailed preparations for it (itinerary, rations, etc). How long did this one take to prepare for? Good luck with the trek to the coast.

Tim Hogeboom

I would like to hear a story or two about how locals reacted when they heard that you had skied all the way from Kotzebue. Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

John in Cleveland

Hey Andrew, I saw you speak at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in January. You might remember me... I contacted you shortly after with questions I had about Colorado backpacking. I've really enjoyed following your progress, it's astounding.

How much established trail are you actually on vs. navigationg your own way? Do you have a device that tells temperature (i.e. watch, gps) or do you carry a thermometer?

Good luck going forward. Hopefully you can make a return trip to CVNP to tell us all about this expedition!



Karl Meltzer had an issue with wet feet that made him drop his attempt at running the AT last year. Have you had any problems or what precautions are you taking now with the spring runoff that could still last a few months? Be safe.

Triin Kanne

That's one really impressive hike! Congratulations!

The equipment question: do you usually carry a GPS to track your path or to switch on and use in case of emergency (for example in the unlikely event that you need to call for help and give your coordinates or you get off the track in the snowstorm and need to doublecheck the location before getting more lost)? How do you cope with the security/"in case of emergency" question?

And the other question: doesn't it sometimes get lonely hiking extremely long distances alone?

Keep on going! Sending some warmer wishes from the sunny Mediterannean shore to your way!:)


It's been so fun following your adventure. I love the tweets as well. My question is: What are your hopes for your legacy of this trip? Do you hope that people spread the word about you, or learn anything in particular from what you are completing? Or are you out there to prove something to yourself? I am curious as to some of the different facets of your motivation for this journey.

Thanks in advance for your answer, stay warm, stay dry, stay happy!


I have a GoLite Cady and it seems like it would be awfully thin for high winds and low temps, but I haven't tested it much.

I know you posted a gear list a while back but I'm curious what all you're wearing while on the skis?


I'm with Matt. Can't wait to hear more about your experiences so far!


You recently swapped your winter gear for some of your summer gear (I think). Was that a problem for you in this recent snowstorm? How did you stay warm enough?

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