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May 07, 2010


Account Deleted

You are doing a great job. This site has a hell of good information. Just keep us informed.

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I could definitely spend 60 seconds exploring a coral or artificial reefs under water in the ocean somewhere. I have never been in a mountain climber in my life but I do want to explore that field one day soon.


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Although the scene is very beautiful, I still dare not go there to do a hike...


I have been following this for some while now and have found this very interesting. Have bookmarked it for future reference. I agree with what has been stated here.

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Barry Diamond

Agree with Liz above, me too miss you magazine!! :(


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oh,it is so beautiful.

Hank Freid

Climbing is really a nice way to do some adventure. There is always risks of any incident in it. So we should take some classes or training first in respect to do some adventure.

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liz g


i dont care if you go broke bring back NG Adventure. i lookd forward to it.

Nadia B. Ahmad

Interestingly enough, surfing isn't big in India, not even an afterthought. Kovalam has a great beach, though. It's only a matter of time before the Indian Ministry of Tourism dubs Kovalam as "Surf City India."

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