Gear Review: Better Spring Surfing With Quiksilver's Heated Wetsuit Vest - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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April 30, 2010


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Spring wetsuit

This is a great alternative to the traditional spring wetsuit. Added warmth with the added flexibility of boardshorts. Awesome !

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I used little dabs of Roxanne's fabric glue to hold the snowflake in place while I backstitched with three strands of floss. Of course I had to whine a lot while I did the hand stitching, but in the end it was worth it! This sadfmedium size bag is perfect for my GPS - and I'll think of the fun we had on the shop hop every time I use it!

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Surfboard Racks

This looks like a great product. I can't wait to try it out. Does anyone know if they are available through Amazon?

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I like the look of the t-shirt..its nice heated wet jacket..its good gift for those who feel lot of cold..its comfortable and affordable..Its stylish and trendy..i am sure you will like it..Its flexible and have varied ranges..Are there any other colour also..thanks for this post.

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I love the heat. I'm getting to old for the diving game.

I am so glad other people agree that this film, no, movie was so poor. Awful empty emotions, where was the dramatic tension?? The grit that this movie required.


It’s tough to muster a complaint with the simple, well-designed Cypher, but the on-off control has room for impro vement.


Quiksilver is the best!


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The older you get, the colder you get. So this is worth a try for those that are getting on a bit.

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quiksilver cypher chest zip

Quicksilver has came out with some amazing suits over the past few years and with this new Wetsuit Vest I'm sure it is going to be a big hit just like all the rest of there gear.

I must be getting old as I'm starting to feel the cold more than I used to. This wetsuit vest looks interesting, though I guess I have to get past my electricity (even small safe amounts) and water fear. Will have to check it out soon,



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Thanks for sharing this helpful info. Its design really beautiful and look like comfortable. I did not use it and it has great features, surely, I will purchase it in my next surfing trip.

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