Biking in India: What If Cycling Were Your Only Choice? - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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April 29, 2010


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this is unique. I have been to other areas with lots of spires, but almost always they are made of sandstone, not granite.

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Bears Lodge”, over history the tower has been a gathering place that holds much meaning for many people. A sacred place for many Native Americans.

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I think war is an very eye-opening, and think they need to know about it early in their lives.

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Most told me that they would happily trade their bicycles for a motorcycle—if they could afford the $700 to $1,000 price tag.

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It meant that companies that maintained their 2009 score, an impressive feat in itself, actually saw their 100 Best Corporate Citizens List rankings fall

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I find myself getting out of the rack and right on the bike, just so I have an excuse to wear it. Ridiculous, but true.


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This is awesome I can't wait to read your next post. Enjoy the time on the mountain. Form a dreamers stand point this is just amazing.

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Since then, every time I saddle up, I’m 100 percent thrilled to be living this two-wheeled lifestyle. But…what if I didn’t have this choice?

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Most move to Western societies; according to OECD statistics, just over two dozen countries of destination, mainly in Europe.

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The price is right in my range and it looks and sounds wonderful. This may be the location of my next vacation.

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The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with,never say a word,and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.

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What if cycling is only my choice? It would be very inconvenient specially during in wet season..I'm always bringing my laptop with me..and cycling sucks whenever it rains...It's far different in India where they experience less rain.

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I am also attending a risk and adventure class, and the concepts behind the article make perfect sense. We make risk in our lives to keep it exciting and motivating

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who am I to pass sentiment? I’ve always had a choice. When I asked my translator to tell some of these cyclists that I traded my car in for a bicycle, it was often taken as simply a ridiculous concept or a joke. I crossed the subject off my conversation list after several people offered to buy me lunch/dinner/etc.

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These coveted motorcycles are largely being produced by a partnership forged between the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, India’s Hero, and Japan’s Honda.

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The cycly-rickshaws in India are just the coolest! Besides the smelly air,most of the time its a beautiful scenery and the people are always smiling! didn't anyone notice that!

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I go for cycling daily in the morning..but i am not sure of using it for my work or as daily transport..There are still some places which uses cycles as their main vehicle..but i feel in todays life its not suited best cause its slow compare to other means of transport..thanks for exploring such places..i like your blogs..

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I saw the images but where were the emotions that were supposed to go with with them. All looks and no substance. Take away the superficial bloody scenes finger skin ripping, stabbing in the face etc, its rather clumsy and crammed to be horror, psychological thriller, drive-ambition, neurotic. All of a sudden her legs break in to a swan shape and she actually starts to become a swan. The movie becomes a farce.

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