Alaska-Yukon Expedition: Spring in Alaska - The Good and the Bad - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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April 22, 2010



This is really very informative "The variable snowpack makes it difficult to select appropriate gear (e.g. skis, snowshoes, or nothing?). And, with a fairly pre-determined route and timeline, it’s also difficult to avoid sub-optimal snow conditions somewhere. Inevitably I will find myself post-holing (when I sink through the snow all the way to the ground, which may be just to my knee or maybe to my belly button) numerous times over the next month" thanks for sharing....


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Thank you for that information. Nice post you have here. I would love to visit Alaska some other time and experience spring there personally.

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i love the picture thanks, please be safe so i can read more from your adventure


Dicey! Lots of seasonal changes happening. I'll be interested to hear how you maneuver through them.


good post i like it
good luck
thyanks for a searing the post

Alexis Anthony

Glad to hear you're surviving the cold. The rest will be like riding a bike for you. Will stay tuned....

Dan Clark


I hope you enjoy every day out there and savour the change of seasons. It can be hard to marvel at these things under a heavy pack with snow balling up on your skis, but it is magical to come out of winter in the high mountains to a willow in bud break, or the first bird song. I'm enjoying reading your posts and reliving my own long mountain trips in the not-so-distant past.

We might even see you on the Teslin/Yukon this summer. You're welcome at our campfire, recognizable by the big red Hellman canoe and/or the two little kids.


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Nice post and thanks for sharing. Spring is an ideal time to go to Alaska and the most tourists have been there in this season. We have been there in spring two times and really enjoyed there.

Best Regards,

Stephen McGuire

Good luck looking forward to reading more about your trek.


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