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April 12, 2010


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Pete Ferrara


Sounds great. We're following you from Boulder. We'll see you back at Sherpa's upon your return...first beer on me.

Best of luck & God-speed.


Ron Strickland

Hi Andy,

I am following your trek with great excitement. Best of luck from Ron Strickland and Tine Hartmann

Paul Adkins

I'll be watching your progress, I had the chance to Bike the Alaska Range with Roman and Carl back in 1996. Good luck.

P Black


Many of the folks from 77 and the Troops around Chelmsford are following your postings with great interest. All are rooting for you; and some worrywarts like myself will be monitoring your progress over the next several weeks with great anxiety. We wish you good weather, clean water and clear trails.



This is great inspiration. Enjoyed reading about your adventure and all of your travel accomplishments. Good luck on future trips.

renaissance costume

Wow.. This is a milestone. Wish you all the best.! You can do it!


The scale of this expedition is staggering. Congratulations on completing Leg 1. Good luck on Leg 2. I'll stay glued to your Blogs and Tweets from my slightly warmer home in Calgary, AB.


Mike Clelland

Right ON!

And way to go with the skis! Forrest McCarthy told me about his sell job on the leather boots and long skinny skis. That is the way to go.

Enjoy the rest of the trip!

peace from idaho,
Mike C!

Paul Langhals

Mr. skurka, You are a true inspiration to a great deal of fellow adventurers. Thank you for the e-mail update. Good luck, stay safe. Paul

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