Alaska-Yukon Expedition: 280 Miles Along Alaska's Wild West Coast - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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March 29, 2010


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Wendell Schloneger

Great to follow you and read your comments. Can hardly imagine the difficult conditions which you are traveling. God's Blessings.


Glad it's going well. We encountered very few snowmachine trails where we were in the winter, but appreciated them when we did. I do wish we were on a skiing trip rather than a driving trip right now though... Good luck!

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We saw the Yukon river about 5 years ago. It was in June...great time of the year.

Many campsites along the way and the people were very friendly!


Good luck on the next leg, and be careful on the ice!

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Nice post and you have a great Yukon trip experience. Regarding our Yukon trip preparation we will get some of your suggestion and use the information you gave in your article. It was very helpful for us and thanks for sharing.

Best Regards,

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