First Ski Descent in China's Minya Konka: Against the Clouds - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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March 08, 2010


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Amazing, well done him.

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Looks amazing, gotta try it someday!

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I would love to be there!

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I wonder how it feels like being above the clouds..

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the view is amazing..

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Beautiful view!

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I wish I was there.

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Great view!

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Wow - what an image. It must be truly excilarating sitting at the top of that mountain, and with all that fresh air. I can almost smell the clean oxygen.
Thanks for the read - I really need to travel more!


Beautiful mountain!

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looks amazimg, well done him!!

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It must be amazing to be above the clouds, very good story, well done him..

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What an amazing picture is that. I have been to couples resort in St Lucia where there were many water sports and activities but did not see as beautiful.


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i never knew how beautiful china was. that picture of the mountain is truly amazing.


grea post i like it


The "descent" was completed during separate visits, using airlifts, and they did the bottom half first, and the top half later. And this mountain had been skied before. Surely claiming a first descent takes some disregard for pride in exchange for Red Bull's marketing campaign.
for more info please visit:


Truly amazing control and POWER. Anyone who downplays this man's skill is clearly ignorant and should never comment on something they are looking to merely
belittle. I mean shit, if it's so easy, why don't you do it?? I don't ski a lot, but I have before and I know how much control and dexterity it takes just to weave back and forth, but he is teetering on gravity's edge and never loses control - incredible. Mad props to Karnicar as he is the greatest ever to hit the slopes. Thanks for posting!


That mountain top view is amazing. How can you not feel one with nature seeing that. Now I understand why some people spend there whol life trying to climb Mt Everest.

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Wow what an amazing picture. Thank you so much for sharing this blog.



What a courageous skier, I wouldn't fancy skiing down the side of that mountain!

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It has also seen a concurrent rise in morbid headlines—the rough terrain and unpredictable weather conspire to make the mountains of western China particularly avalanche prone. In 2006 Christine Boskoff and Charlie Fowler were lost on the nearby Genyen Massif. In June 2009, Johnny Copp and Micah Dash were swept away by a massive slide on Mount Edgar, just one peak east of Reddomaine.

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