Alexandra Cousteau on Kilimanjaro, the Clean Water Crisis, and Transgender Fish - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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March 12, 2010



Thank you author for the posted article.This is the same in our country.Many remote villagers don't have enough fresh water and the government helped them so far with concrete bunkers to store rain water.So imagine in the dry seasons, how they manage their life?

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I couldn't imagine myself staying there. I take a bath 2x a day and water is a problem there.

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I feel so sorry for thos epeople

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And we need to do it now because our population is growing quickly.

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We need to appropriate more in this country for water and sanitation issues in the developing world. And we need to do it now because our population is growing quickly.

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And mitigating the impact of climate change is going to be very important because that is going to influence the availability of water in certain places. And of course, it is critical to make wise choices here at home, understanding that all of our water resources are connected and that we are all downstream from one another.

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We also need to encourage education and economic productivity within the entire community, using water as a building block for other parts of society.

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I felt great at the summit. When we got there, we had whiteout conditions, so we couldn’t see anything at all, which was really unfortunate.

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I really liked the post and the stories are really thanks for sharing the informative post.

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Thank you for information. I think everyone has duty to keep the water clean. It is necessity of people and nobody can live without the water.


Everyone has the right to clean drinking water. Thank you for sharing this great information.


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Thanks for this post! It was extremely informative and helpful! I just learned everything I need to know today.


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I managed to get to Gillsmans point but not quite all the way to to the top of Kili!


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in this adventure to take a wonderful issue of the clean water.i agree with you all over the world a lot of people have no clean water and other facilities.water which they use cause many diseases.we try to do some thing to provide the clean water.

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it think your this adventure is the better all other because you discus the issue of the clean water in this adventure.water is the basic need of every one if clean water is not available then its cause the many it's urgent to take some necessary step to solve this issue.

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great blog..With the current water situation all over the world it is great to have water advocates out there educating all of us. Great stuff...thanks for sharing it...keep it up!


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