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February 09, 2010


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Combined with plenty of exposed seat post, Focus say this results in the most comfortable race bike they’ve ever produced. The chain stays are over sized and deep at the bottom bracket before changing their orientation along their length, which looks very similar to Cannondale’s Save design.

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Fly under their radar in contentment rather than daring to hope and risk being set up for being toyed with by the powers that roam to and fro in the rarified heights of absolute top of the line bikes.

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I'd love to own this bike, this is real craftsmanship.

My times would definitely improve!


WOW, I guess I better start saving for this work of art.

I would be scared to ride it incase I damaged it.

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Gear Crush $10K Bike consist of supremely aerodynamic carbon fiber frame; handmade, impossibly lightweight wheels; internal cable routings that actually increase torsional rigidity.

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Much the same can be said of the suspension. Both ends are sprung stiff enough that there is no excessive dive under braking and overall ride quality is pretty good. Both wheels roll very smoothly, mostly due to the fact that they do not have rim locks. Considering that our test tires were true knobbies, it was a pretty impressive ride.

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Your actual results on a 10K bike ride will vary widely from that "typical" average. For example, slope and gear selection -- as well as the quality of your cycle and tires -- can all make the ride easier or more difficult.

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There is no such thing as a DH bike that climbs well as they're not supposed to. If you ride a downhill bike you should be doing what it's designed for and riding down hill.

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Neck braces are a sure way to protect the neck against injuries or fatal accidents. These neck braces are produced by injection of glass-reinforced nylon. These braces have been designed by the best medical professionals with the suggestions of enthusiasts of the motocross sport.

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The Crush wants you to ride flat-out, and if you rise to the challenge you’ll be rewarded with some big smiles. What all these fast handling, compact frame shenanigans mean is that the bike encourages you not to take your trail riding too seriously. Instead, it suggests you have fun. If long day rides are your thing then you could think about buying the Crush in a bigger size to get a longer top tube, but we’re not convinced that’s the way to go.

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in other words, the Focus Bicycles USA Izalco Team Milram ($10,000): designed by yesterday’s champs (including Olympic gold medalist Daniel Becke), tested by tomorrow’s (Team Milram, top-25 finish, 2009 Tour de France).

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This bike looks great. I'm an avid outdoor enthusiast, but since I just had a baby, I'd need to take her with me when going on runs. Does this company also design a jogging stroller?

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Switching from a geared mountain bike to a single-speed can save you the headaches of dealing with temperamental drivetrains and a significant amount of cash over the life of a bike. Most of all, riding a single-speed allows you to simplify your riding experience and reconnect with the pure enjoyment of mountain biking.

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing team! I am sure that it could not have been an easy job to decide but I would say that you ladies did a FABULOUS job! An extra special Congrats to my girl Janine Wahl! I am soooo happy for you!

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Single-speed mountain bikes have grown in popularity over the past few years. It seems almost every mountain bike maker in the business is offering a single-speed. Someone new to mountain biking might seem confused when they find out that some people choose to ride a bike with only one gear.

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The steel bikes of yesteryear had a certain undeniable soul to them, especially compared to today's harsh aluminum rides and dead carbon frames.

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Wao Great what a bike, Just when everyone thought that Schwinn had pulled out all the stops with the, no one knew that they would be able to engineer a model that will arguably beat it.

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Good choice for the best but try some Schwinn bikes, There is no doubt the remains among the best recognized brands in cycling. Schwinn bikes have already been around for many years, additionally the manufacturer has been able to keep up with the changing times.

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