Everett Ruess Update: How the DNA Test Went Wrong - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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February 02, 2010


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David Gulch, 90 miles away. He left the gulch with just his "essential outfit". In Nez's story the mules were taken by the Ute who killed the white man.

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Nonetheless, I remembered in which my go to be able to to Instances Square in the early afternoon of Dec 31, 2009 had been fairly exciting, and since the actual weather conditions forecasters possess been predicting mild, primarily-sunny skies this kind of calendar year, I believed it may possibly well always be interesting for you to try out it as soon as more.

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Awesome photo! The laboratory were sent to an independent laboratory for confirmation. Ultimately, the DNA showed that 25 percent overlap, the exact correlation can be expected between an uncle and his nieces and nephews.

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After double-checking the results, the lab sent them to an independent lab for confirmation.

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I know both areas having hiked them. Why a body would be moved 80-90 miles eastward for burial is beyond me even if you consider Comb Ridge Navajo Indian sacred ground which it probably is. Of course, over the centuries many other Indian groups occupied areas of Comb Ridge.

I think a search near Davis Gulch may be more productive to a positive result. It was said in other publications that Ruess's body was thrown into the Colorado River and that area is now Lake Powell so it may never be found.

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In the end, the DNA showed a 25 percent overlap, the exact correlation one would expect between an uncle and his nieces and nephews.

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To support the findings, the Ruess family requested that a DNA analysis to be performed by Van Gerven’s C.U. colleague,

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has become a cult hero across the Southwest, famed for his solo journeys across the region which he detailed in rhapsodic prose.

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His disappearance has turned into one of the most enduring puzzles in the Southwest, one that that countless enthusiasts have tried—and failed—to solve.

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made me think of that guy that went in the forest in Thailand and was never heard of since, the guy that made Thailand famous for silk production just can not think of his name

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