Cartography 2.0: Volunteers Help Map Africa as Never Before - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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February 16, 2010


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Eveleigh looked up from his laptop. There were seven of them, 400 pounds each—that’s 2,800 pounds of feline—

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Eventually, when it’s all said and done, millions of coordinates will be working in concert with photos and video to establish what amounts to a kind of Google Street View of the Serengeti.

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When the Greenland ice sheet slips off, organic moisturizer is going to be as useless as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

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he was risking his life in the name of cartography. But unlike those early explorers, Eveleigh traveled with a satellite uplink and a GPS—not an astrolabe

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Eveleigh was in northern Uganda helping create a map of Africa, and like so many before him, he was risking his life in the name of cartography.

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As I mentioned at the particular end involving last year’azines Flickr set associated with Periods Square pictures, the actual Television protection was clearly far much more substantial than what I could attain along with just a new single DSLR digicam and also it was additionally infinitely much more sophisticated, along with substantial-conclude Television cameras located in strategic vantage points all all close to the square. On your other hand, the Television photos look, along with then vanish, typically leaving no lasting impression. By contrast, these still photos will certainly hopefully end up being exciting for you to search at months, if not any long time, from now.

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the grass is higher than the it enough for just merely 40 volunteers?

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They stayed near our camp all day,” Eveleigh recalls.

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The goal: produce the first comprehensive digital chart of all the protected places on the continent. Every road and game trail and water hole.

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