Adventure Photography: Wild Angle Photo Contest Winners - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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February 23, 2010


David Ng

Great post!

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Wow the beach looks so amazing, can't wait to take a dip

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Photography is an art. We have to learn it then we can capture the beauty of nature in right way. IO like the images provided here. thanks for this wonderful post.

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Congratulations for winning Wild Angle Photo Contest! You have a nice pict in there.

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Congratulations for winning Wild Angle Photo Contest! This is a wonderful picture. I can almost smell the salty ocean water and feel the sand on my feet. How I wish I could be in a beach right now. It’s been years since my last visit in a beach. Our family has been undergoing a financial problem that’s why beach vacations are totally out of our budget. Thank you for sharing this with us! I’ve been reading a lot about Australian destinations and it really fascinates me. Hope I can visit Australia someday. I’m glad I came across your site.

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That beach does look pretty, is it always that quiet as well? Or maybe after being published on here it is not any more ;)

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That beach looks amazing. Makes me wonder why I haven't made down under yet!

Adam Poetzel

This picture is amazing! National Geographic should consider hiring the guy who took this picture and his wife to work for them! :)

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