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November 17, 2009



i found this article late but i like the program and will travel to Philippine soon.
Thank you for the post.

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I've never been to Philippines but it could be the destination my wife and I will choose for our wedding trip next year. Wish me luck. :)

Palawan Resorts

The Philippines is the last ecological frontier and has so much to offer especially islands like Palawan. The best shipwreck diving in the world by far.

Playstation Ark

Wow, the Phillepeans is absolutely beautiful. I really want to visit the Caribbean for my upcoming vacation. Does anyone know of any recommended hotels to stay in over there?

Phil Grahm Salt

There are also many river rafting destinations in the Philippines particularly in Cagayan de Oro. Try checking it out!

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Exploring pinatubo can be quite tough but absolutely amazing.

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Never been to Philippines, but just checked flight ticket prices to Manila and they are so cheap!


The Philippines is a great place to visit, and is as safe as most Asian countries, as long as common sense prevails.

Tourism is just one part of the economy that lags behind other countries in this region. One of the main obstacles to progress has been the corruption that has plagued this nation for decades.


The relative obscurity of the Philippines is what makes it a great adventure travel destination. This particular adventure tour company focuses on taking people off the beaten path:

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Sometimes I consider traveling as part of my routine lifestyle.Because of these beautiful places, Perhaps, the reason for its popularity is because more people have come to realize the benefits of traveling.

Cagayan de Oro hotels

WOOW!!! This is a great view! I just love the green mountains. Too bad I can't just travel there from CDO. Check out other Cagayan de Oro hotels too.


Always wanted to go PHP but is it safe there?

Globe Nomads

Philippines is a great place and Filipinos are very warm and friendly. However the tourism industry suffers from a number of issues which deters many people from visiting. Precisely due to the low level of tourism, the wildlife and their habitats had remained largely unchanged.

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No doubt, Asia is very admirable nature. I live in Indonesia, and I never stopped to say how beautiful God created this nature... you have a very great activity. If There's a time please come to my blog at This is about positive activities and outdoor activities..thank you.

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Never been to Philippines, but just checked flight ticket prices to Manila and they are so cheap!

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Is there historical building there?


Philippines seems really a the best place and you have given good enough information about it.I have also checked that 25 Best New trips and its very good.Thank you..

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Sometimes it's better that wild places not be published too much, especially for the marine wildlife. Too much tourism ruins the wilderness and the authenticity of places as well as the nature itself. A good example for that is the Ladakh in north India.

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