Best New Trips in the World: Sail (and Kayak and Snorkel) in Madagascar's Waters - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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November 10, 2009



This is similar to our country.

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The virgin island of Madagascar reminds me of my younger brother's favorite cartoon movie "Madagascar"...It was perfectly funny...their amazing characters plus their perfect story line creates the best cartoon watch for the whole family eating popcorn near the fireplace.

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Madagascar is one of Africa's finest travel destinations. From the ocean to the land and its amazing wildlife. I love the country and list it along with Kenya in this link

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Anywhere that lets me do some snorkling is sweet in my book.
Madagascar is now on the list ofplaces to visit thanks.

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I have promised to take the kids there when they are older, they loved the film more than anything else.

john williams

This is one place i would love to visit.

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I think for those who are under stress can take a trip to madagascar to relax. A healthy mind is the root for a healthy body.

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Madagascar for me is still a virgin place full on beautiful spots!

Great Post!

I can see you had a great adventure!

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Just from the picture you posted I can tell that Madagascar is a magical and beautiful place!


Siobhan Kindness

Madagascar is certainly a hit with more seasoned safari goers. The tourism infrastructure isn't as well developed as in some other African nations, but it's definitely one for the intrepid explorer. Acacia Africa, a tour operator which offers a similar Dhow sailing adventure, recently ran a Madagascar tweet up on Twitter. Some pretty interesting questions came through from travellers, so if anyone's looking to head off to the eighth continent they might want to check out the following blog link:

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Madagascar is somehow exotic and beautiful to explore more and more. To see a whale shark (massive, spotted, and up to 60 feet long) is on of my top-list favorite while in Madagascar. There are still so many mystery that worth to explore in Madagascar. So, there is no doubt when see Madagascar on the 25 Best Trips.


Madagascar is on the list of my all time favourites for a vacation. It is absolutely a place to be to get rid of the tiredness of the daily life and get some new fresh air rejuvenating our energy levels. A must visit place to release the stress off.

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This is on my lifelist!

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