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November 24, 2009


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Fortunately, I get a well-placed hand on top of the dome of steel cables along the way. It is a powerful heart, feeling incredibly wonderful to be floating in space until the top off and then look beyond.

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Lucky for you, Andrew Skurka will lead the inaugural Sierra High Route outfitted crossing for Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides in 2010.

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Traversing Timberline Country—is to trace the highest points across the Sierra while staying above tree line and away from other hikers. The thing is, it’s exceedingly difficult to execute this concept on your own: Only a handful of people complete it each year.

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No doubt, some of the best treks in the world are located just under our noses - in sunny great California. Why going so far?

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I love hiking there. There is amazing nature.


Oooh and I loved hiking in Sequoia National Park too incredible

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