Where the Wild Things Are: Nature Calls the Shots on a Wild Rumpus in Australia - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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October 23, 2009


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Awesome entertaining movie...

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I will watch this movies its really looks fantastic!!!


Things costumes, which weighed up to a hundred pounds each). We caught up with production designer

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The live reading was equally exciting, as the cast was really good. Just some of the best improv, stand-up, and theater actors in town.

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Regional Victoria is a hidden gem of Australian tourist spots and the movie does a great job of showcasing this wonderful area.

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So, now that you know about flying cars and city-dwelling penguins, breaking the awkward silence over a couple hot dogs may be a little easier

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Being in these remote locations was like camping out—but with giant creatures and a film crew. Most movies like this are shot in a sound stage to avoid the challenges of a real location.


I've read anything so true in a long time. You've got a lot of great ideas, a great deal of perspective. I think that you definitely have something important to say..

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One of the best films ever. I loved the 3d animation.


I'm not used to watch fantasy movies. But this one is cool.

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why so hard to reply ,just tell me why?

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The film is nice but too many animations that makes me sick. But generally seems cool.


Nice picture and nice article, thanks for share...

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Okay it was a good film but I didn't completely understand it, I mean did max have autism? or was he a child suffering with depression? and were the wild things in his mind? or did he really see them? it's a little bit confusing.

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The classic book, “Where the Wild Things Are” is a big favorite around our house. My tutee, aptly named Max, is always quoting his favorite lines or putting on his own “wild rumpus.”

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I'm really looking forward to seeing this. And reading the interview makes me even more excited. What a beautiful choice of location.

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Its a great movie , kids really like this movie. U have seen myself twice.

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Where The Wild Things Are is a great film, especially for kids.

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Australia is such a unique country with lots of opportunities to discover new things all the time. I'm glad it was done here

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