Urban Adventure: Cycling the Berlin Wall 20 Years After Its Fall - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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October 14, 2009


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I like biking, I hope someday i can visit the berlin wall.

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A history to remember.

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As a member of the German police force, my father was there for the Berlin wall collapse. After moving to Italy, the other Italians were always wondering how life was in Germany prior to the wall coming down. My father would tell stories for hours to the older Italian gentlemen.

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Nonetheless, I remembered in which my go to be able to to Instances Square in the early afternoon of Dec 31, 2009 had been fairly exciting, and since the actual weather conditions forecasters possess been predicting mild, primarily-sunny skies this kind of calendar year, I believed it may possibly well always be interesting for you to try out it as soon as more.


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Rikk Taft

Sounds like an amazing ride back in history. I really like the idea of buying a used bike and giving it to some child as I'm getting ready to leave. Sounds like a very beautiful place and someday I hope to visit.

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Berlin Sightseeing Tours

A Berlin sightseeing walking tour along the Belin Wall"The Berlin Wall Border Walk": http://www.berlin-stadtfuehrung.de/The_Berlin_Wall_walk.html


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sarah fromus

Maybe its interesting to discover the 150 kilometres long Berlin wall by bike in two days or three. The most important sights on the way you'll find - using the google translator - here: http://www.berlinandmore.com/de/exkursion/mauer/mauer.htm.

sarah fromus

Maybe it's interesting to discover the 150 kilometres long Berlin wall by bike in two days or three. The most important sights on the way you'll find - using the google translator - here: http://www.berlinandmore.com/de/exkursion/mauer/mauer.htm.

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Exactly, Berlin is very beautiful small city. I am just shifted here through moving company. The best thing is these people took my all burden on your self and shifted my whole things with full security. I am happy here with my complete family.

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It is very small and beautiful city. I was born there and completed my whole study. Then I came to United Kingdom. There is lot of memories attached with that city. I go there every year as my parents are living there.

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I was burn in Russia and my father was working in east Berlin for a year. Me and my family visited him several times and as a child I remember the city was divided with a wall. It is hard to imagine now but back then it was two separate territories, the other side was almost exotic for me. Thank you for that lovely post.

Thorsten Hilber

Hi there,
I thought you might find this link helpful.


It´s an exact topographic map of Berlin and it´s Mauerweg.

Keep on riding!

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