Ski Report: Early Snowfall Sends Skiers to the Rockies Backcountry - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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October 29, 2009



Very nice article.Thank you.

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The miles of former woods roads and footpaths through rolling hills of white pine and red oak offer a spectacular backdrop for a superb un-groomed backcountry experience.

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Wonderful page may make endless growth, with thanks present, all the build up about skills can be to keep on getting to know, curiosity is normally the start of immense success.

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Because of our busy schedules, most of us do not have the luxury to take the time off but when the opportunity comes that we do - we have to make the most out of it and make the trip very memorable to everyone.

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Deep snow in the remote high country and the warm coziness of Mistaya Lodge combine to make a Mecca for backcountry skiers, from mid-December until early May and I agree with the stand of Harrison Buck Skis a friend and a smile

Matt Kopjak

I agree with dhea. It's a good article and there are even a few more days (hopefully weeks) left in the season. FindTheBest Anything has a list of resorts that are still open


I have read the whole article regarding the Ski report.I agree with the stand of Harrison Buck that "It's sweet because the ski season is going off from now until June in some places".I like the post very much as it contain very informative knowledge.

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