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October 14, 2009


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When he does manage to get out for an evening, it's usually to stalk and scalp women in the empty subways and dark corners of The Big Apple.


Very good deed in tourism.I wish i could attend there.

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It's not like I have a complicated version of it that I'm hiding. My version of it is the most simple version of it, but it's available for all these other interpretations. That's my safety.

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From there it will visit Cobh, Ireland, Titanic’s last port of call, and will continue on towards Halifax, N.S., Canada. Its final destination (hopefully) will be New York City.

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I am feeling very while thinking about it. It is really very romantic idea.

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The cruise will start out fairly normal. Besides the Titanic lectures, there’s a casino, some chic bars, and entertainment along the way that you would expect to find on Royal Caribbean.

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It’s increasing the accuracy of aerial maps by an order of magnitude; indeed, the U.S. Geological Survey is currently working to remap every state with LIDAR.


When he does manage to get out for an evening, it's usually to stalk and scalp women in the empty subways and dark corners of The Big Apple.

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I'm excited about this cruise, thanks for posting

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Thinking about what happened with the Costa Concordia, this trip is scary.

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I wonder if the band will still be playing whilst it is sinking.

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One of the greatest artifacts that was found was an Italian Sofa that managed to float to shore. Among other pieces of furniture included a still working grandfather clock and a victorian dresser. It is strange how things like that work out.

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I'm booked for 2012. I have had an obsession with seeing the Titanic after watching the movie in the 1990s. I can't wait for this.

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Your webblog is very nice also a very intresting and this is very useful to skip visitor....So they really are planning to create another Titanic, hope what happen to the first one will not be the faith of this modern titanic...

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Fascinating pictures. Michelle, Thanks for sharing the information about the Titanic Cursing. Water is too blue. I love it.I would like I have a home very near of it so that I can see blue water and can do cursing any time when I wish.

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For one brief moment in the Graham family, there was uncertainty. In uncertainty, there was hope. it had been so long but reminiscing everything about the tragedy brings back a fresh memory.

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How sad but what a wonderful experience. I hear this cruise has sold out, I would have loved to have gone on it :-(

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I feel so sad if you will realize many people died in that tragedy. Even you watched the movie Titanic the love story is also never die same with the feeling of all people who knows what happened to Titanic on April 15, 1912.

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More than the feeling of adventure for this event, I felt more creepiness having to remember that tragic night. I just could not bear the thought being on the ship and commemorating the tragedy exactly the same date and coordinates where it happened.

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It is really very romantic idea.~~

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I prefer to stay quietly at home.

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Hi Michelle, You have shared very good information regarding Titanic Cruising. I am feeling very while thinking about it. It is really very romantic idea.

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