El Nino Dumps Two Feet of Snow on Tahoe, Launching an Early Ski Season - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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October 19, 2009


Riding Snow Blower

I hope an El Nino doesn't hit again. But if it did I would be prepared after purchasing a riding snow blower. El Nino wouldn't stand a chance.

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El Nino, hope that it will not cross my town!

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The world truely have the most beautiful places you can ever imagine. To be able to be there and enjoy the scenery is almost divine.

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El Nino can do something really reasonable!


I only wish ski season had opened earlier. As the Jamaican member of the Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition (www.kasperskycommonwealthexpedition.com), I would have loved the extra practice. However, for those taking advantage of the early opening, I can only recommend good Antarctic-ready thermals - Chocolate Fish!! Look for more at http://www.chocolatefishmerino.co.uk/

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