Best New Trips in the World: Hike and Rappel on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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October 30, 2009


Where is Singapore

i love the adventure but too risky for me.

Healthy Options

It is a great way to do adventure plus exercise. I love that experience.

Kosherica Kosher Vacations

Love this photo! The Caribbean is indeed a wonderful place to visit. If you're considering taking a kosher vacation trop to The Caribbean, Kosherica had some great cruise packages you can check out as an option.

Costa Rica Rental Car

Yes, Costa Rica is a real beatuy for the natural water falls and many other natrual resource making it an excellent spot for vacation.

You know last year, three leading traveling agencies of USA has voted the Costa Rica as the best spot for Christmas Vacatoin too?


I have read the whole article based on the new trips of the world.I like the post and snaps which give good evidence.I like the places of Costa Rica.I agree with the stand that the extension of a paved road to CR’s far east has unlocked the area’s beaches and parks, and inspired one outfitter to launch a new trip.

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