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October 23, 2009



India has some of the most interesting culture in the world. This blog is one example that shows how vast that culture is.

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His plan is to take stock of the wildlife with the help of Biosphere Expeditions, which will send travelers to Rigg’s outpost for the first time this winter.

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I don’t consider that I know India, really. And yet, India is one of my favorite places. The reason for both statements is that India is big and old and famously full of people.

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India's culture is so unique that makes them different from others

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This post was great. I was reading this while my car was being serviced and I love the way that people are different in this place.

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Excellent post. i think India is one of the most facinating places to visit


Often watching shows on India, you can see how important this great river is to the people of India, which you post has emphisised.

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The good news is that India's rivers can still be saved. Like the causes of water scarcity, the policies that can correct them are local and could be put in place immediately.


The culture of India is mysterious for me, I am so interested in it...

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They have a beginning and an end. And they must have a reason for being- for being written, and for being read.

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It would be small, amusing, and for the blog, we said. Weeks passed, no word. And suddenly, a few days back, a rambling tale (with footnotes!) arrives in our inbox.

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